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Weight Loss – No Short Cut to Happiness

We live in the ‘want it now’ age and that includes weight loss. Sadly, many of us would rather staple our stomachs, have the fat sucked out or cut out , forever eliminate any pleasurable food – or engage in over the top boot camps…deluding ourselves that once we have done this, we won’t have…

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Bored, overweight man sits on the sofa

Men Do It In Secret Too (….Binge Eating, that is)

Surprise, surprise.  Men binge eat too. But they don’t often seek help for it. Men are great at proudly sustaining physical injury and loudly and proudly sharing their battle wounds; but, when it comes to anything they can’t see…they become amazingly silent.

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Lose Weight. Stop Binging. Get over it.

You might have noticed the following comment on one of my blogs: “With the right mindset and motivation anyone can shed a couple of pounds with some patience and perseverance.  A little bit of exercise and nutritional knowledge goes a long way.” My guess is you’ve heard it before.  Many, many times.  In fact, it…

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