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"I really love the program. It is just perfect for me. For years, I've tried various ways to deal with my overeating problem--meditation, mindfulness training, counseling, various intuitive eating programs--without much success. There was always something about everything that I tried that on some level just did not make sense to me. But your program does make sense, on every level. For the first time, I completely understand my problem and know what to do... I love all of the hypnosis audios--the standard ones and the ones you created just for me and have been listening to a couple every day. Most of all, I just really want to thank you. The program totally exceeded my expectations. It has only been six weeks, but I don't think I've changed this rapidly in a short period of time in my whole life. It has really given me a lot of peace and happiness and I'm very grateful...Peggy, USA"

"I feel that every cent I spent with you was totally worth it...thanks for helping me to get my life back...I would recommend your programme to anyone and I would honestly say that your ideas about quitting binge eating are by far the best I have ever heard (and I have been searching and reading for years). My life has changed quite a lot and my attitude towards myself has improved immensely, all with your help...Robyn, Australia"

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