Binge Eating: It’s Not about the Food. It’s about YOU.

There’s an all or nothing feature of binge eating.  It’s either completely contained and tightly controlled – or totally out of control.

And each time you ‘lose control,’ you punish yourself with guilt and ramp up the stress (that binge eating b**** again!).

Of course, this makes it harder and harder to achieve the very thing you want – which is balanced, healthy eating and a comfortable relationship with food (and your life!).

The big mistake most people make with trying to stop binge eating, lose weight, like their body… is that they focus on the food.

Dieting experts, nutritionists, the media, health experts, friends and family (and the binge eating b****) go on and on about the food.

Eat less of this, more of that.  This is good for you, that isn’t.  Avoid this, do that.

On and on it goes, the never-ending stuck record of dieting and healthy eating…it never stops.

And what does it do?  It encourages you to think about food.  Obsess about it even.

At worst case, thoughts of food – what I plan to eat, what I don’t want to eat, what I ate – become dominant from the moment you wake to the moment you go to bed.

For some of you, it doesn’t even stop then.  Some of you even get up in the night to eat…the thoughts of food still running round your head.

And surprise, surprise…the more you think about eating and food, the more likely you are to do the very thing you don’t want to do.

Eat and eat and eat.

Not out of hunger but to feed this monster in your head.  Because if you feed it, it shuts up for just a moment…(the binge eating b***** gets her way again).

But not for long.  Almost the moment you stop, the b****, the monster, the demon, the alter ego, the little voice, whatever you call it, is back with a vengeance…punishing you with guilt and recrimination.

So how do you stop it?

Think about what you want for you from your life.   And keep on thinking it until you start doing it.  Start being it.

You really do deserve it.

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Shirley Billson

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  1. AT-SY
    3 years ago

    Dear Shirely,
    You describe very well what happens in the mind of a binge eater. I congratulate you on your sharp mind. Indeed, the more one thinks of food one ends up eating more. It is a vicious circle. It is a monster in the head.


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