Is your life stuck in a binge eating rut?

And are you severely limiting your earning potential and relationship success because of out of control secret eating?

You’re in the right place:

  • Is your eating spinning out of control?  
  • Are you avoiding specific type of work or social situations because of food issues?
  • Do you feel like you never look good enough (and therefore you AREN’T good enough?)
  • Do you find the more you try to lose weight, the worse the problem becomes?
  • Do you see-saw between eating and dieting and feel overwhelmed with shame when you binge eat?
  • Do you tell yourself if you could just be at a certain weight or size, that everything will be ok (but deep down, you know the problem doesn’t go away)?

How much is NOT doing something about it NOW costing you?  Your thinking is holding you back!

If you’re ready to make a major breakthrough with the way you think and feel about yourself, PLUS, your relationship with life, work and the universe…I can help.

Hi, my name is Shirley Billson.  I help solopreneurs and women in a career rut to breathe life into impossible dreams, to unshackle from the critical self that holds you back and to step into joyous freedom and the lifestyle you long for.  For the past 6 years, I’ve been transforming the lives of women – with inspirational solution focused hypnotherapy, a sprinkling of NLP, courageous coaching and a powerful charge of inpirational positive energy.

 With my 6-step signature system,  ‘Ditch the Binge,’ I help you make changes in your thinking, with a simple step by step process you can start right now: so you can like yourself and your body…and the big bonus – perform better at work (enabling you to earn more money) and bring joy to your most important relationships.”

“I really love the program.  It is just perfect for me.  For years, I’ve tried various ways to deal with my overeating problem–meditation, mindfulness training, counseling, various intuitive eating programs–without much success.  There was always something about everything that I tried that on some level just did not make sense to me.  But your program does make sense, on every level.  For the first time, I completely understand my problem and know what to do… I love all of the hypnosis audios–the standard ones and the ones you created just for me and have been listening to a couple every day. Most of all, I just really want to thank you.  The program totally exceeded my expectations.  It has only been six weeks, but I don’t think I’ve changed this rapidly in a short period of time in my whole life.  It has really given me a lot of peace and happiness and I’m very grateful…Peggy, USA”

Get excited because change is possible – and it’s available now.

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